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The TS2300 is a Compact yet Flexible 3 Way Split Screener that can provide you with screened material of the Highest Quality.

Its neat design allows it to be easily transported and is ideal for areas with strict transport laws. You’ll be able to easily manoeuvre this machine on site and it will fit into the most difficult of spaces.

The steep screen angle and superior performance of the screenbox ensures that this machine can screen materials exceptionally well and it is especially good at screening sand and peastone.

If you need a compact, easily portable screener that can provide you with screened material of the highest quality you’ll not find any better than the TS2300.


Features & Benefits

  • Superior Performance 10
  • Large 7.85 yd3 (6 m3) hopper that can be fed directly by large excavators
  • A compact design makes this machine easy and economical to transport
  • Steep screen angles ensures a high quality screened product


Product Specifications

Max Feed Capacity225 T/H*
Engine SizeJCB 84Hp
Top Deck3,05m x 1,37m
(10' x 4'6")
Bottom Deck2,44m x 1,37m
(8' x 4'6")
Middle Deck-

Transport Dimensions

Height3.2 m (10'6")
Width2,5 m (8'4")
Length13,21 m (44'4")

Working Dimensions

Width14,08m (46'2")
Length14,2m (47'3")
Weight (Est.)19,250 Kgs
(42,439 lbs)

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